We can manufacture your exclusive designs.

We provide casting and stamping services as well as plating, stone-setting and assistance with product development.

Established in 1975, Thai Design Distributors Ltd was the first company to import jewellery from Thailand to the UK. The company has always been family owned and is now in its third generation. While the original factory has since been relocated from Bangkok to a more spacious site in Chiangmai, our headquarters has always remained in London.

Kim Nutayakul, Managing Director and daughter of founders Lilia and Bill.

Kim Nutayakul, Managing Director and daughter of founders Lilia and Bill.

Co-Founders Lilia & Bill at our head office in London back in 1981

Co-Founders Lilia & Bill at our head office in London back in 1981

Almost 50 years ago, Thai Design Distributors Ltd began by supplying jewellery to wholesalers, and over the last 15 years has expanded its offerings to include strict exclusivity for designers. We specialise in high-end sterling silver, gold and plated jewellery and giftware. Our success is largely attributable to outstanding quality and finishing. We also pride ourselves on the ethical standards related to working conditions, worker compensation and metal sourcing. 

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Since March 2019, Thai Design Distributors Ltd has been registered as a Fairmined licensee, exclusively representing the first and only factory in Asia certified as a Fairmined authorised supplier. Both Fairmined gold and silver can be sourced.

For those customers interested in ethical materials but not requiring Fairmined, recycled silver and gold is also an option.

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Our Brochure provides information and examples of our manufacturing skills and capabilities



The casting process begins with the creation of a mould from a metal master or a resin model. Each expertly crafted mould is owned by the customer and safely stored to ensure that exclusivity is always maintained. When an order is placed, the corresponding mould is filled with high-performance wax, set aside, and then delicately opened to remove a perfect wax copy. A ‘tree’ is then very precisely built-up of select pieces to ensure the best possible results. Investment material is added to a flask around the tree, heated in a large furnace, and then vacuum cast to exacting specification. Finally, each piece is cleaned and carefully inspected before being passed to the next department on the way to completion.



While casting is generally preferable for smaller, more intricate, and/or deeper three-dimensional designs, stamping may be a more suitable alternative for other pieces. Metal blocks are cast, rolled to the required thickness, and then cut to size for efficient stamping, all of which is done in-house. A towering die-cast stamping machine is available for deeper pieces, but more traditional, hand-cranked machines are also utilized and give the factory considerable flexibility. Each stamped component is carefully inspected before being handed over for assembly and finishing.


Completion Options

A broad range of capabilities and a flexible approach allow us to meet customers’ expectations, while encouraging creativity. Completion options include:

  • Assembly: Lockets, cufflinks, necklaces, and other pieces may have components that need to be assembled.
  • Hand & laser engraving: Traditional hand engraving and modern laser engraving are both available; choose from a number of in-house patterns or specify your own.
  • Enamel: Providing a unique and vibrantly colourful finish, achieved through a variety of techniques.
  • Inlay: Shell, stone, coral, and other materials all expertly fitted by hand.
  • Stone cutting & setting: Thailand is a world leader in gemstones and you can be assured of remarkable craftsmanship as well as competitively priced stones
  • Plating: Diverse plating options include:  Yellow & rose gold, white & black rhodium, palladium, platinum, and more.
  • Finishing & polishing: While the quality of the high polish finish is exceptional, a wide range of hammered, matte, brushed, satin and other finishes are also possible.

Finished Pieces

We have an extensive in-house range (examples displayed below), built-up from decades of selling to wholesalers and retailers. These pieces can be bought as they are, though in most cases they can also be modified, and are often used to inspire new creations that can be made exclusively for you.  We find that the range is one of the best ways to illustrate the quality of the manufacturing and we hope that comes across here.

What may not be as apparent, but what ultimately sets us apart is the service we provide. Each piece is a testament to the service that starts from the earliest communications about a design, and then continues into the development of samples, orders, production, delivery, and even post-sale. Whether a customer wants something manufactured from our in-house range or their own custom design, Thai Design is uniquely able to provide Far East manufacturing with the convenience and confidence of sales and service in the West. Additionally, our ability to assist from start-to-finish, quick turnaround times, and low minimum quantities (without a minimum spend) all help to set us apart. We expect each piece to be completed to the highest quality, and by achieving that consistently, while providing excellent customer service, we have been able to build long-term relationships with customers that span decades. The finished piece, the quality, and service really do all go together. 


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