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We strive to give our customers exceptional flexibility when working with us, which is illustrated by the wide breath of options available.  While the most common customizations are explained below, additional adaptations may be possible, so please do not hesitate to share your ideas and questions.


Reducing thickness is a common way to lower the cost of a design, but there is always a balance between price and quality to consider.  Undoubtably, there is something about the weight and feel of the piece that provides extra assurance and a sense of luxury. 


Thickness and weight also impact comfort and a piece may need to be adapted with this in mind.  Regardless of the reason, you can specify the thickness you desire.  Our experienced team will help determine the optimal specifications to meet your needs.


See something you like but it is just not the right size? 

Simply let us know how big you want it to be and we can re-size it for you.  Whether you need something bigger or smaller, it can be done.  It is always easier for the factory to work to specific dimensions, so please have your measurements in mind.


Hand engraving maintains a traditional, yet timeless appeal.  Items may be fully or partially engraved, giving customers a wider range of options.  Scroll and floral motifs are typical of the craft, and can be borrowed from and blended with elements from a range of patterns to create something special and unique.

If you have a particular pattern in mind, please let us know. We would be happy to consult our talented team on your behalf.

Laser Engraving


A modern alternative to hand engraving, a laser can be used to achieve an exceptionally precise and consistent product.  This technology is ideal for logos, text, and detailed graphics, which would be extremely difficult or impossible to reliably replicate by hand.  Almost anything can be done, but our team is on-hand to explain any limitations and to provide recommendations to ensure success.

Hand Engraving


The team at our crafting facility is skilled in the application of cold enamel (also referred to as lacquer enamel), which provides designers with a wide range of vibrant colours to choose from.  Pigmented resin is applied onto metal, dried, and then polished to a high shine.

While the application of coloured enamel is certainly a capability, the team really excels with the use of clear resin.  Working in small batches under optimal conditions, and with quality materials, the team can achieve beautiful results that are exceptionally resistant to yellowing over time.

Although we are rarely asked for hot enamel (also referred to as vitreous enamel), we have an excellent local partner that is able to assist if ever needed.


Thailand is a world leader in gemstone setting, because of its active market, low prices, and tradition of stone cutting.  This means that the crafting facility can source and set a wonderful variety of stones, while providing excellent value.  It would be almost impossible to list all the options available, and the sourcing team do a great job of managing a network of reliable suppliers. 


Ethically-mined stones and lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular options we can help with.  Some of our customers have developed their own supply relationships and we are happy to manage their stock.  Not only can we provide access to the Thai gemstones market, but the jewellery we provide displays remarkable craftmanship in stone setting.


Long-term relationships with the specialist local vendors ensure excellent quality and consistency, along with a great price.  Once sourced, our experienced inlay team identify the best parts of each unique shell.  They expertly balance quality optimization and waste reduction out of respect to both the customer and nature. 


After the initial rough-cut, each piece of shell is carefully trimmed and filed to fit.  Variations in colour are an inescapable part of working with a natural material, but the team does an amazing job of sorting and selecting pieces that complement each other to create a unified appearance in the final design.


A variety of hand and machine finishes are possible.  The characteristics of each unique design must be considered when choosing both the finish and the process for achieving that finish.  Our dedicated crafting facility is able to draw upon a long legacy of hand craft as well as industry leading tech to ensure optimal results.

High-polish is the most popular option amongst our customers; particularly, for designs with flat surfaces.  It requires multiple steps done by hand by experienced polishers, but yields an exceptional finish.  Barrel-polishing is a mostly automated alternative that is ideal for designs with textured surfaces.  The lower labour requirement also means that we can price it a bit lower.


Plating is a great way to add breadth to a range, but it can also be employed to add a touch of luxury or provide protection.  Our most popular plating options are yellow gold, rose gold, white rhodium, and black rhodium.  Additional options are available. 


Beyond colour, the thickness of the plating is a critical consideration.  Most of our plating is 1.0 microns thick, but many customers prefer 2.5 microns for gold plating, which is considered “vermeil”.  Thicknesses between 3.0 microns and 5.0 microns are possible, but are much less commonly requested.


Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a relatively recent alternative to traditional plating.  PVD provides relatively high hardness and chemical resistance (sweat, lotion, etc.) at a low price-point.


Ready to Discuss Your Designs And Ideas?

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